Up Coming Meetings and Events

Monthly Meetings Are Held At: Zucchini's Restaurant
1331 North Street, Pittsfield, MA
(lower level)
6:30 - Dinner
(Advance reservations needed
e-mail RHABC99@gmail.com)
7:00 - Speaker

Are you experiencing a housing crisis?

Are you having trouble paying your rent or mortgage?

Are you being evicted or home foreclosed upon?
Are you homeless?
Are your utilities shut off?
Are you a property owner and need advice on tenancy or property rental issues?

Contact the Berkshire County Regional Housing Authority at 413-443-7138.

Berkshire Housing’s web site is https://berkhousing.wpengine.com/

Rental Housing Association of Berkshire County - RHABC - Apartment & Home Rentals In Berkshire County
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